Warning re unauthorised search engines

Yun Hoi Yuen Kay San Wing Chun Kuen Gwoon notes that we have NOT given any search engine agency or person not a martial arts school site to whom we are linked on this site, permission to list our site. We have especially not given any permission for business, tourism or leisure sites to list our school. Any information so listed is likely erroneous and misleading. We are NOT, and never have been, located in Latham. There is NO “Whalen St Cook” as these sites advertise!

We are NOT, and have never been, a martial arts supplies seller! Some international gung fu instructor brothers have requested, and been granted permission, to list a link to our site. We reciprocally link them on our site. Those seeking other martial art schools in Canberra, ACT, may Google or search engine the terms: martial arts, karate, tae kwon do, self defence, gung fu, kung fu or other martial arts to browse listings.

Note that we do not comment to strangers, offer endorsements or make any recommendations with respect to any other arts or groups. Conversely, anyone who is not qualified to teach our Yuen Kay San Wing Chun art and not a member of our gwoon is unqualified to offer any valid judgment on any aspect of our classes or our art.