Titles for Traditional Gung Fu Relationships

These titles (except for “Sigung”, “Sifu”, “Simo”, and “Sihing”) are esoteric and are rarely used nowadays.  Some Western gwoons use them but few Chinese bother with them anymore. The titles “master” and “grandmaster” are not used by this gwoon as too many fraudulent practitioners claim them around the world. As there is no uniform yardstick, they have lost all meaning.

Chungsi (Jungsi) Great master of a style e.g.  Sifus Yuen Kay San; Sum Num; Cheung Bo; Leung Jan; Wong Wah Bo; Dai Fa Mien Kam etc
Dai-gee or Moon-yan Students, followers
Moon-to Disciples – specially selected students with a  responsibility for carrying on the style – hand- picked students who meet certain criteria
Sidai Junior gung fu brother (i.e. one who started after you no matter how old they are)
Sifu Instructor
Sigung Sifu’s sifu
Sihing Senior gung fu brother (i.e. one who started before you no matter how old they are)
Sijo Founder of a system, sometimes it is sigung’s sifu e.g.  Yuen Kay San; Leung Jan
Sijuk Student of your sidai
Silo Title for Sifu Zopa; refers to someone who is a scholar as well as a sifu – Sifu has five university degrees, for example, and has written extensively on Wing Chun so he is a proven scholar as well as a sifu; Yuen Kay San, being a lawyer,  could also be referred to as  “silo”
Simo Your sifu’s wife
Simui Junior gung fu sister (i.e. one who started after you no matter how old they are)
Sipak Your sifu’s sihing
Sipakgung Your sigung’s sihing
Sisok Sifu’s sidai
Sisokgung Sigung’s sidai
Todai/Toyee Student, disciple
Tosuen Sidai’s student
Tungmoon Fellow student