The first thing that caught my attention when I started learning Yuen Kay San Wing Chun Kuen with Sifu Zopa was its real world practicality and applications that would help me survive real world attacks. Sifu Zopa has a unique ability to be able to explain and teach this art in the most minute detail.
– Jonathan Lean

I was blown away by the practical, no-nonsense approach that Sifu Zopa has to teaching – plus the devastating applications of the art itself. Even though it took me a long time to find, I consider myself very lucky to be learning what I’m learning now.
– Allan

Zopa’s a martial arts genius! He’s a walking Wing Chun encyclopeadia! That’s why some love him and some, who can’t measure up, don’t! Brilliant teacher!
– Chris, HR Consultant, UK

After experiencing the class, the skill of the teacher and Yuen Kay San Wing Chun I didn’t have much of a choice to make.
– David, Public Servant

I was so impressed by the practical applications and the methods of teaching. The fitness training has definitely increased my overall body strength, fitness and power. I am very grateful that I have found this art, my sifu and the school that I train with.
– Dave, IT consultant

Zopa’s class is very different from any class I have been to before. Even if no words were said, simply having the opportunity to touch hands with someone as skilled as Zopa will infuse you with great things. The feel of the art still hasn’t left me. I hope it never does!
– Rob Weingeist – Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor, Visitor from another Wing Chun class, USA 2005

I just wanted to say thank you for being so generous and forthright with your knowledge. It is unfortunately a rare thing to find a Sifu who cares about the art as much as you do.
– Dave, Alberta, Canadian student.

Though I have spent more than 30 years studying and teaching Wing Chun, I would say that Zopa is perhaps the most knowledgeable and skilled Wing Chun teacher alive today. Zopa is a deep well, and even after 10 years of learning from him and interacting with him, I am still overwhelmingly impressed with his depth of knowledge and skill. Zopa is impeccable in his mastery of this art. You cannot do better than him, if you are accepted as his student, you are lucky indeed, for you will learn the art as it was originally meant to be taught; from a true master. More..
-Scott Baker Ph.D., Wing Chun Sifu, USA.

I have seen the results of his teaching in his students who, in all honesty, have some of the highest quality Wing Chun Kuen I have ever seen.
-Simon, Film Maker, UK

Zopa is the single most knowledgeable martial artist I ever encountered. You can’t do better than learning from sifu if you want to learn the real thing, a real martial art from a real martial artist.
– Stuart

Sifu Zopa’s dedication to his art, the teaching of his art, and his students is something that is very rare and needs to be treasured. It is quite easy to see that his wisdom is built from decades of experience in the highest levels of martial arts. This experience coupled with an attitude of perfect preservation and application is what each and every martial arts practitioner dreams of in a teacher – but rarely finds. Each class is filled with detail enriched with tradition and care. Sifu practices perfection in his life and it is exactly the same with his delivery of every single aspect of Wing Chun.
– Student, 2010

Not wanting to let the opportunity pass, and having researched about Wing Chun and done some checking on the schools in Canberra, I enrolled with the Yun Hoi Yuen Kay San Wing Chun Gwoon. Sifu Zopa’s Yuen Kay San Wing Chun has given me several important benefits and certainly meets all my needs and expectations.
– Boon

I have found myself at the good end of this attitude and focus in the gwoon as I have had the best health check I have had in years, including the time I was a teenager so I can subjectively and objectively attest to the results.
– Gus, Business Analyst

I just wanted to say how happy I am to see such a good representation of Wing Chun on this website. I have looked through countless forums and videos in the last 7 years since I started practicing Wing Chun and the quality of content on this site is unmatched. Zopa Gyatso clearly does his best to transmit his Wing Chun in a responsible manner and has taken the time and effort to understand the correlation of the mind, body, and spirit in unification. I can honestly say I have not encountered such a well rounded and balanced approach to Wing Chun. I hope the students at this school realize that they are very lucky! Thank you for taking the time to share your insight and wisdom.
-Erin Allen, USA.

I feel extremely privileged to have the opportunity to be taught by Sifu on a regular basis, in my old club, it was a rare occasion that you had to opportunity to be taught by the Sifu (unless you were an instructor) and if you did, it was very expensive. We are very lucky to have access to a direct lineage of the Yun Hoi Wing Chun discipline and for a very reasonable price.


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