Yun Hoi’s writings

Yun Hoi writes, like he teaches, with a totally disarming logic.  He is unlike any contemporary Wing Chun writer.  His mind and teachings are the product of a rich multi-cultural background and experience tempered by a truly unique range of educational experiences and qualifications.  His insights are those of an imagination moulded and tempered by a blend of both Eastern and Western education and thinking.  Involved in depth over decades in Tibetan, Chinese and Japanese cultures, both with respect to his Buddhist philosophy, martial arts and the general cultures  Yun Hoi is also a trained teacher, and psychologist specialised in several areas and holding diverse formal university qualifications. Indisputably a scholar in several areas, he has also written hundreds of articles in other media on numerous topics related to aspects of management psychology and educational psychology. This background enables Yun Hoi to be a masterful communicator capable of simplifying and clarifying aspects of gung fu which have usually been transmitted in an esoteric or cursory fashion. Often he presents ideas never revealed before and not discussed anywhere else. Yun Hoi is an independent master teacher who is entitled to teach and pass down the entire Wing Chun system and award status levels. However, he eschews the term “master” because so many use it who, frankly, are far from actually ever being a master.

Yun Hoi takes a refreshing view of Wing Chun freed from any slavish personality cults, marketing myth and the hype tragically so prevalent in commercial gwoons and Wing Chun business empires.  He is constantly vehemently impressing that true traditional gung fu can only be learnt in an honest two-way sifu-student relationship as opposed to a commercial transaction. He writes with a passion and conviction born from a position of undoubted mastery of both the pen and his art. Those who love him, and those who may not, do so for a similar reason: he pulls no punches and engages in a straight-forward “no-nonsense” exposition of his art of Yuen Kay San Mainland Wing Chun. Yun Hoi certainly doesn’t suffer martial arts fools gladly and though polite with them he often also finds himself having to be firm and straightforward with them, or having to ignore them.

Yun Hoi’s Wing Chun is decidedly not that of the common commercial Western versions.  It is a profound error to think that all Wing Chun is the same as that presented publicly in the West.  Any similarities between the Wing Chun Yun Hoi passes on and that in popular martial arts media publications are, at best, superficial.  Yun Hoi has studied and passes on the traditional Yuen Kay San and Koo Lo Pin Sun systems untainted by Westernisation, commercialism or any populist trends.  Agree or disagree with his views, it can’t be disputed that he knows what he is talking about.  Yun Hoi can undisputedly “talk the talk” and, as those who train in his art will readily attest, can definitely also “walk the walk”.  No authority or fashionable modern trend other than the time-tested traditions of his lineages and his own logic dictate Yun Hoi’s judgments of real world combat sense.  In any clash between tradition and logic, Yun Hoi asserts that logic will, and must, always win out. He is always insisting his students look at the art, without mind conditioning, as the founding practitioners of Wing Chun would have. He especially reminds those interested in genuine Wing Chun to look beyond the marketing lies of a number of heavily promoted commercial teachers.

Yun Hoi’s writings on this site, both those in the public area and those in the members’ sections, range across an incredible diversity of aspects of Wing Chun and related issues.  Some relate to esoteric areas and go into incredibly honest depth.  Thought provoking; challenging; informative; and, perhaps even confronting to some, all these articles provide food for thought and often reveal rare information and insights unavailable elsewhere.