Extract from an interview with a Tai Chi Chuan master

Interviewer: Often there are people who practice Tai Chi Chuan for 10, 15 years and achieve no power. What advice would you give to these people?

Master: Obviously this individual did not have a good teacher. Stop and find someone else. As I said before, you should find a knowledgeable teacher, not just a famous one. Generally a knowledgeable teacher will be someone whom very few people know of and who is difficult to find.
(Emphasis ours)

We need to think on this with respect to any art – especially our Wing Chun.
The last sentence is one every modern practitioner ought to consider very seriously. Commercialism now so rules martial arts that many knowledgeable teachers who, seeing the traditional teacher-student relationship being replaced by a transactional interaction where a travesty of the art is sold and bought, and unable as individuals to tackle the powerful and wealthy organisations marketing their commercial gung fu, are, understandably, removing themselves and their knowledge from the public scene lest they are exploited and their knowledge and skill stolen to enrich the martial arts businessmen.